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“I could not be happier having Attorney Site Solutions provide website services for my firm. Dan is highly responsive, detail-oriented, and a true asset to any business.”

Damian Shammas

Shammas Law

“It’s been a pleasure working with Attorney Site Solutions. They’ve made it easy to update and maintain our firm’s website, and have been courteous and responsive in the process.”

Joseph Shapiro

Middlebrooks Shapiro, P.C.

“I would recommend Attorney Site Solutions to any attorney looking for a great website provider with reasonably priced packages that will cater exactly to their firm’s needs.”

Agnes Rybar

The Law Office of Agnes Rybar

“I am very impressed with Attorney Site Solutions. Dan and I were able to personally meet and the flexibility of services included in the cost is much appreciated.”

Michele Hart

M.Hart Divorce & Family Law

“It’s always a pleasure working with Attorney Site Solutions. Dan has been very attentive and responsive with regard to any requests for updates or with general questions about our website. I highly recommend Attorney Site Solutions services!”

Vicki Connolly

Bolan Jahnsen Dacey ESQS.

“Attorney Site Solutions was able to get my site up and running in 24 hours. Any time I’ve needed changes, they’ve been super responsive!”

Robert Dolinsky

Dolinsky Law Group

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